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Serving: Ages 2 - 5 years



Children come to school with a love and trust that is normally shared only with the parent. That love and trust must be fostered and protected in any setting that becomes a substitute for the home.


Our purpose at the 1-on-1 Learning Group is to do just that. We are so much more than just child care!

~ Welcome To Our Group ~

*All photos are of actual 1-on-1 participants and are property of the 1-on-1 Learning Group, LLC. Photos on this site may only be legally used  to promote this organization.

"Dear Ms. Tiffany,

Thank you so much for being an amazing mentor for Lilli and her parents! We have all learned so many wonderful things from you. I brought you a timid two year old afraid of the big wide world and from the very first day you had her out exploring it! Your gentle love and patience including endless hugs helped her feel safe and confident enough to relax and truly learn. And learn she has, my goodness! She often came home discussing the excitement of her day and all the neat things you had explored together. She can count in French and Spanish, knows that lighthouses are in Maine, and can work a computer not to mention write her name. You have inspired us to expect more from her and treat her mind with respect despite her age. What a gift! You have been so reliable, kind, fun, gracious and a great listener to mom and dad. We Love You!

The Meyers

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